Hello My Fellow Heart-Centered Soul,

If you’ve been having trouble keeping it together or wondering if you have the inner-resources to bounce back once again - then you are not alone! 

This is your invitation to a virtual mini-retreat I would love for you to consider attending. Because I know the beauty inside of challenge is that it pushes folks like us to unite

By coming together to support our own inward journeys of self-empowerment, we fuel each other.

After you read through the brief details about the event below, please let me know if you have any questions or special needs. 

Here's to Gentle Self-Care,

What is Holistic Resilience?

Technically, resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Difficulties like the communal strain many of us feel and the demands for which we are being called.

But resiliency doesn’t mean we are tough or that we are tightly grinning and bearing it. 

This is a dynamic, pliable state that comes from being authentic and supportive to your deeper needs. 

These practices create a sense of wholeness and connected-ness to our highest nature through any circumstance.  

When your immune system knows how to function and has the physical resources it needs and your reactions are grounded in inner-wisdom, that is the fruit of Holistic Resilience.

Holistically means that when practicing this process we support... 

  • the physical body with crucial nutrients
  • nervous system conductivity by training the signals
  • our emotional wisdom through listening without judgement

Rooted in self-awareness and resourced in community, Holistic Resilience opens you to Grace. The intention is to support your recovery from overwhelm or illness, and ultimately to regain access to your inner happiness...

When you register at the button above, you'll be directed to my secure Acuity scheduling site to claim your seat at the event.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When you register at the button above, you'll be directed to my secure Acuity scheduling site to claim your seat at the event.

With degrees in Chinese Medicine and Human Performance along with a lifelong study of herbs and mystical sciences, I have walked my own road of resiliency gathering tools as I go.

If you are...

* Struggling under the burden of prolonged stress (physical or emotional)

* Trying to form a habit or a healthy lifestyle that works for you

* Wanting to live creatively but feel blocked and too frazzled to focus...

Then it is my honor to share in your journey to give you tools and support.

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