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Out of a holy curiosity, I began to explore this body of work and have discovered so much about myself and tools to embrace my life. I've gained a practical approach to anchoring my nervous system by embodying the lessons within.

This workshop is a perfect introduction into the fascinating world of The Gene Keys and The Art of Contemplation, beginning with your personalized birth pattern and how to apply it.

I hope you'll join me for a fun and revealing afternoon where spirituality and health connect.

Here's to Gentle Self-Exploration...

Julia Thie, L.Ac.


Sunday, 1/22/23

2-5 pm ET

Shakti in the Mountains

409 E. Unaka Ave

Johnson City, TN

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What to Bring to the Event


This is optional - but fun

Get yours for free at the Gene Key website

Email info@juliathie.com if you need help


We'll write down explorations of these qualities you possess that bolster your strength and resilience.

Just remember, no previous experience is necessary to embody these gifts...

What are The Prime Gifts?

The Gene Keys is a wisdom tradition brought to life by Richard Rudd. Based upon the I-Ching The Book of Changes, one of the oldest book in the world, it is used as a tool to understand the human condition and an approach to raising consciousness. It acts as a map to recognize the patterns we see around us, and as a guide to building the capacity to navigate those patterns.  

The Prime Gifts are the FOUR PILLARS that represent your Life's Work, Evolution, Core Purpose and Radiance. 

Once you download your profile at The Gene Key website, you will be able to see your Prime Gifts on your Holographic Profile. The website has great resources and you'll have access to an audio reading on one of your pillars. 

At our workshop, we'll focus on the approach of gentle inquiry; embracing all aspects of ourselves with compassion and spaciousness.

With degrees in Chinese Medicine and Human Performance along with a lifelong study of herbs and mystical sciences, I have walked my own road of resiliency gathering tools as I go.

If you are...

* Struggling under the burden of prolonged stress (physical or emotional)

* Trying to form a habit or a healthy lifestyle that works for you

* Wanting to live creatively but feel blocked and too frazzled to focus...

Then it is my honor to share in your journey to give you tools and support.

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