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Out of a holy curiosity, I began to explore this body of work and discovered so much about myself. I've gained a practical approach to anchoring my nervous system by embodying these lessons. It expands my perception of life which enhances everything I do.

The Gene Keys is a wisdom tradition brought to life by Richard Rudd.  It is based upon the I-Ching The Book of Changes, one of the oldest books in the world.

I've been immersed in Taoist philosophy since 1992. On my own healing journey, I was exposed to this practice while studying Chinese medicine and experienced life-changing benefits in my own recovery. 

Sharing this with a nonjudgemental curiosity is a journey of awakening and real joy for me.  Please reach out if you have any questions or difficulty getting your profile. 

Here's to Gentle Self-Exploration...

Julia Thie, CHT, FIBH


TAOIST CONTEMPLATION  - Explore The Four Pillars of Your Birth Chart

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

3 - 6 pm 

The Philosopher's House

117 W. Fairview Ave

Johnson City, TN

Tickets $35 until 6/18 or $40 at the door

When you click to get your ticket, you'll be directed to my secure Acuity scheduling site to claim your seat at that event. You'll be able to pay with PayPal, or as a PayPal guest, using a credit card.

Questions or difficulty with registration? Please call (423) 741-2698 or email

The FOUR PILLARS,  also known as the prime gifts, represent your Life's Work, Evolution, Core Purpose and Radiance.

Once you download your profile from The Gene Key website, you will see your Prime Gifts listed on your Holographic Profile. The website has great resources you'll have access to an audio reading on one of your pillars.

At the workshop, we'll focus on the approach of gentle inquiry; embracing all aspects of ourselves with compassion and spaciousness. Even if you don't have your profile or birth information, please come and see the different ways to approach this universal material.

Watch this brief video to learn more about Taoist Contemplation and Exploring The Four Pillars...


Being certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, degrees in Chinese Medicine and Human Performance, along with a lifelong study of herbs and mystical sciences, I have walked my own road of resiliency gathering tools as I go, and these are the tools I love.